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March for Nuclear Weapons Treaty in University City

St. Louis area residents gathered last Saturday in the Delmar Loop in University City to show their support for United Nations legislation banning nuclear weapons.

The U.N. General Assembly is currently discussing a legally binding treaty to ban nuclear weapons.  On … Read More

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President Donald Trump’s Cuba policy has three drawbacks.

It ignores history, it ignores other powers who are trying to establish a beachhead on the island, and it could create a situation where runaway defense spending is made easier. Cuba and the … Read More

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Zbigniew Brzezinski, Human Rights Advocate, Dies

On May 26, Zbigniew Brzezinski – one of our best diplomats – passed away at the age of 89. He served in the State Department under President Lyndon Baines Johnson and also served as President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor … Read More

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Social Democracy and the Economy

Since it was published in 2014, Lane Kenworthy’s “Social Democratic America” has turned heads in public policy circles. Kenworthy, who teaches sociology at the University of California San Diego, outlines our social democratic future in this book. This includes more … Read More

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The Cost of Nuclear Weapons

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting it to work.

The United States’ policy on nuclear weapons qualifies as insanity. In an interview that took place just a month after taking … Read More

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U.N. Panel Releases Draft of Treaty to Ban Nuclear Arms

A United Nations disarmament panel presented the first draft on Monday of a proposed global treaty to ban nuclear weapons, which advocates called an important step that could hasten completion of a final text by early … Read More

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Remembering Albert Schweitzer

Over the years, theologian and physician Albert Schweitzer has been declared a prophet.

He addressed the issue of nuclear weapons throughout his career. Lately, nuclear weapons have again been grabbing headlines. North Korea is using its nuclear arsenal as a threat … Read More

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Trump Puts Power in the Hands of Polluters

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The Originial Mother’s Day

Most associate Mother’s Day with cards, flowers and calls to mom.

But few in contemporary America understand the origins of the holiday. The early advocates of Mother’s Day envisioned it as a day of peace. In 1870 — nearly 40 years … Read More

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Hedley Bull: Realist Visionary

Thirty-two years ago this month the great international relations theorist Hedley Bull ended his journey on this earth.

Bull was born in Sydney, Australia in 1932. He studied history and philosophy at the University of Sydney where he was influenced by … Read More

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