What is the Impact on the Economic Crisis on Your Standard of Living? Michael Brooks

There will always be doubts, questions, and controversies about the future.  We have seen today, but we don’t know about tomorrow.  Until recently, I had no need to ever really internalize this old adage, but today it speaks volumes about the changes I have had to endure during this economic crisis.  I have made a plethora of sacrifices and I’m only 12 years old. For starters, I have stopped begging for video games, toys, and other stuff… because we just can’t afford them.  My family is struggling to pay the bills, and buy medicine, groceries, and other necessities.   We shop at resale stores and are more conscience about how we spend our money.  In order to make a little extra cash, I cut lawns in my spare time.  My mom is resourceful, to avoid starving, we grew peppers and we eat white potatoes smothered in onions and peppers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I pray the economy will get better so we can once again add some meat to our menu!

This economic crisis has affected my education as well.  Paper and pencils are rationed out, field trips are out of the question, and we have no updated technology to speak of even though my school’s area of emphasis is Math, Science, and Technology.  To compound matters, our School Board has instituted what’s known as furlough days.  Each furlough day means we miss a day of school.   Now, how will we learn anything when the school doors are closed?   It’s been long, hard weeks for everyone, but my mom, who is a public school educator has been especially burdened due to mandatory furlough days.  She is still responsible for taking care of our home and family whether the paycheck reflects nine or ten days.   She is infuriated by the implication that our house could be foreclosed on if she loses her job, a home we so passionately love.  With the recent budget cuts it is not unreasonable to speculate about such possibilities.   I think about these issues and wonder if the people in charge really know what they are doing.

Our savings has been depleted and my hopes of having adequate resources for my education are becoming dangerously frayed. There is a lesson to be learned here…appreciate what’s really important…family and friends.  This is equally true with regard to future employment.  There is a fear that no jobs will be available for me to pursue.   I could give up and be subdued by the hopelessness of defeat, but I refuse to go that route.  I would like to someday succeed in life and fulfill my dreams of becoming a pharmacist.   To quell the disturbing rumors that I won’t have a job, I believe all things are possible through God so I pray constantly.   I believe things will turn around soon.  And I will be able to once again enjoy the lifestyle that others including me took for granted.

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